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wedding ceremony is a wonderful time in life for a bride but it is also a special milestone for a groom too. Most grooms will assume that a plain black and white tuxedo will be enough but in today?s world of style that just simply will not work anymore.

If you are uncomfortable in your tuxedo chances are the bride will sense it and so will the rest of the crowd. You need to find a way to be comfortable in your groom tuxedo. To do this you may have to go past the normal traditional look of black and white. For example Cheap Cowboys Shirts , you can wear a tuxedo jacket and shirt but wear blue jeans instead.

Don?t overdue it on accessories. When choosing your tie you want to have something that will appropriately match the occasion. Ties can be too casual and today you don?t need that. Silver is a great color for a tie and it matches with just about everything. If the bride is using specific colors you may want to choose one of these colors for your tie.

The vest is another accessory that should be carefully selected. Use the color of the vest to compliment the colors used in the wedding. You may want to wear a vest in order to create an elegant look that she will be impressed with.

A cummerbund is a way of getting some style into your groom tuxedo. You can use a cummerbund to accent your look and not take over.

Cuff links are a great way to show style and sophistication. If you want to add style, find the color cuff links that will match with your wedding bands. If you have gold wedding bands then find gold cuff links. You can also use this opportunity to display your talent or your favorite sport. Your cuff links are a way to personalize your attire. Buy a plain set of cuff links and have the customized to reflect your wedding day.

Of course you need the right shoes to go along with the groom tuxedo. Since it is your wedding day you want to play it safe. She might change her mind at the last minute on a color that she wanted to use in the wedding. If you coordinate with that color you might be a little embarrassed. If you want to wear an elegant groom tuxedo you can wear a shoe that compliments that style. You don?t need to spend a lot of money on a pair of shoes for your wedding day. If you have a decent pair of shoes in your closet then get them out and buff them up to get them ready for your wedding. They will look as though you spent a lot of money on them.

Remember that it may be your brides? day but it is also yours too. Dress the way you feel the most comfortable. If you are comfortable she will be too.

NAIROBI, Sept. 5 (Xinhua) -- The European Union on Tuesday called for transparent Cheap Cowboys Jerseys , credible and peaceful presidential re-run in Kenya proposed for Oct. 17 amid opposition from presidential candidate Raila Odinga.

The EU High RepresentativeVice-President Federica Mogherini said in a statement issued in Nairobi that a peaceful election campaign will require political leaders to use their authority.

"All institutions involved in the re-run of the elections should now be given the space to continue to work independently and start preparing for new transparent, credible, inclusive and peaceful elections Byron Jones Hat , fulfilling all the requirements of the Constitution and the election law," Mogherini said.

The EU official's statement comes hours after opposition leader, Odinga said on his National Super Alliance (NASA) coalition would not participate in the re-run of a presidential election proposed for Oct. 17 unless it is given "legal and constitutional" guarantees.

Odinga is demanding audit of technology in full compliance with the law Maliek Collins Hat , noting that the electoral body should establish a transparent and accountable framework for integration of technology.

According to Odinga, the electoral body must take immediate steps to engender transparency and accountability in the electoral planning and infrastructure.

He said technology integration must be done transparently and must be amenable to a full audit by the commission and stakeholders. "You cannot do a mistake twice and expect to get different results," Odinga told journalists in Nairobi.

Mogherini said the Supreme Court's ruling Jaylon Smith Hat , ordering of a re-run of the presidential elections, is a strong demonstration of the independence of the Kenyan judiciary and the strength of national democracy.

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