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Napoleon said: "The most difficult time is also not far from success." Yes, adversity often makes people more motivated and grow faster. And I have experienced it before. That winter, it was overcast and rainy, and I went to sign up with Chengcheng. "The two of us want to report for the double round ..." Before my word fell, the student said dismissively: "Just you two dwarfs?" Cheng Cheng said angrily, "Why, no? Little one just Can't you sign up? "" Just no! This is to win the class! "" You ... "Cheng Cheng shouted. Helplessly, I pulled him away. The next day, we thought about not being convinced, and went to register with our classmates to argue, and finally convinced him that we were so happy that we could not stand still. It was OK to be happy, but we still had to step up our practice. The next day, the two of us took the beaded rope to practice. At the beginning, I was very unskilled, and my ridiculous voice kept saying: "I'm so short, no wonder I can jump so badly! Hum!" We ignored and firmly believed in a little work. One day, we will make those who taunt us look. In this way, we were the first to run out of the classroom with a rope after each lesson Carton Of Cigarettes, and we were all sweaty when we returned. Even teachers often praise it. Finally, the class recognized the strongest skipping combination to challenge us Newport Cigarettes Coupons. Obviously, they looked down on us at all, but just wanted to defeat us and let us flinch. They laughed and said, "The dwarf comes first!" We jumped without quitting. I flung the rope forward first, then bent my legs and bounced my feet up to create a perfect start, and then Chengcheng jumped up. He just woke up and turned around. We cooperate tacitly, one after another, all the time. The onlookers were stunned, from scorn to us to glare. In this way, the strongest combination ever lost to us, they said angrily and persuaded: "Walk and see at the sports meeting, the two of us cooperated perfectly and achieved excellent results. Everyone praised as" Lily on Heart Field "said : Regardless of how others admire, the lily of Manshan always keeps in mind the teachings of the first lily: "We must bloom silently and wholeheartedly Wholesale Cigarettes, and use flowers to prove our existence
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