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Some songs are used to make aspirations, some songs are used to heal, and some songs are used to motivate. The song of "Phoenix Legends" is to accompany us through every age, no matter how happy or sad, it grows with us. When you are alone, the "Phoenix Legends" song can no longer make you lonely; when you are lost, the "Phoenix Legends" song can encourage you to cheer up; when you are helpless Marlboro Red, "Phoenix Legends combination "The song can always stay with you, becoming the mainstay that motivates you to move forward Cigarettes Online." That's right, they are such a legendary combination. Linghua from Erdos, Inner Mongolia, and Zeng Yi from Hunan met with Shenzhen in 1998, but whoever thought about it, "The Legend" was born, they are the "Phoenix Legend" famous throughout the country. Yes, They are not the people who make music, but they can shine through the efforts of the day after tomorrow, and show themselves. Go out of their own legendary road. They pursue their own musical dreams, in order to make a difference in music, they are indomitable and truth-seeking. Pragmatic, for innovation, has today's achievements. Because they have worked hard, they have suffered the exhaustion and pain that ordinary people can't bear. They have the courage and courage that ordinary people don't have, so they will create the legend of music. They always insist Have a musical heart, try hard to make better music. They also have a lot of albums, show their talents on the Spring Festival Evening. Prove their strength. Many people have asked them: "Do you have an engagement? The intention. "They will not hesitate to say: "No, because we only want to work hard to make music, and to start with music. If we are engaged, then there is no passion or consensus on this aspect of music, because there is not too much after marriage." More energy, time to do music. In the face of such an answer, we have to admire their persistent pursuit of music. It is because of their extraordinary experience that the road to music can realize the legendary path of their lives. They rely on their own strength, relying on their persistent efforts, the indefatigable state of mind in the face of difficulties and setbacks, the crazy love of music and the spirit of innovation. The combination of Phoenix Legend can be said to be the top music person. Linghua and Zeng Yi create legends in the legend, and this combination is indispensable in people's minds Marlboro Gold. Combination is composition and cooperation. Linghua and Zeng Yi are a perfect combination. That tacit cooperation. How can you not create their legendary road? They are like a pair of handsome birds, soaring in the sky of the grassland, looking at the earth, feeling the breath of dreams, it is this time and again struggle, struggle, to achieve their career and dreams, the left hand is you - Zeng Yi, right hand It is you - Linghua, fighting side by side, creating brilliant music, combining you, dreaming to sail
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